Bangladesh Market Research Services

Solidiance provides various B2B market research and management consulting services needed by multinational enterprises to explore, enter and sustainably grow in the Bangladeshi market.

Some Bangladesh-related services we offer constitute market studies, customer interviews, competitive benchmarking, new product introductions, market entry and positioning studies, opportunity identification analyses, partner evaluations and due diligence, distributor searches, strategy formulation and hands-on strategy implementation workshops.

We are here to support clients grow their business sustainably in Bangladesh, mitigate possible risks, and find their optimal strategic position in this promising emerging market.

We work exclusively with Fortune 500 companies and other leading multinational companies. Our key clients include Sumitomo, Siemens, Bosch, BASF, Microsoft, Dupont, Kawasaki, etc.

Fortune 500 Clients

Bangladesh Market Intelligence

  • Market sizing and segmentation
  • Industry analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Channel management
  • Value proposition definition

Bangladesh Market Entry

  • Market analysis & market entry strategy
  • Product and pricing strategy
  • Site location analysis
  • Alliances/Joint Ventures/M&A/Licensing- Go-to-market approach

Bangladesh Competitive Intelligence

  • Competition analysis
  • Best practices benchmarking
  • Competitor blind spots
  • Track existing and upcoming competition

Bangladesh B2B Customer Intelligence

  • Customers demographics and behaviour
  • Key customers profiling
  • Decision making processes
  • New products development and testing

Bangladesh distribution strategy

  • Value chain analysis
  • Key distributor profiling
  • Pricing & Margins strategy
  • Best practices/benchmarking

Industries we regularly cover in Bangladesh


  • Automation & control
  • Building / construction materials
  • Fluid, pump, & valve manufacturing
  • Industrial equipment & machinery


  • Base
  • Specialty


  • Biotechnology / life science
  • Medical Devices & diagnostics
  • Hospitals and healthcare services


  • Enterprise
  • Broadband
  • Wireless
  • Mobile

Oil & Gas

  • Downstream
  • Lubricants


  • Commercial / leisure vehicles
  • Trucks and heavy load
  • Motorbikes
  • Automotive aftermarket

Market Research Bangladesh